This page is where you get to unleash the artist within.

Using the various tools below, you can click and draw on the canvas to create your masterpiece. Individual tool functions are outlined below.

Artwork can also be submitted below and will be added to an upcoming gallery for future admiration.

Sam Sheepdog (pictured above) was created here a while ago using some older online drawing code and the lines aren't very smooth. The drawing widget below can produce much better quality lines and images.


If you would like to save your drawing to your hard-drive at any point, right-click on the canvas and select Save Image As. The Save dialogue will then appear and you can save the image as a PNG file. The function of the Save / Attach button above is explained below.

Tool Details:

  • Pencil – Draw freehand lines on the canvas.
  • Eeaser – Erase previously drawn lines.
  • Line – Click and drag using this tool to draw lines. Release to end the drawn line. Dashed lines and arrows can be drawn using the tools in the top row above the canvas that appear when the line tool is selected.
  • Rectangle – Draw rectangle of varying sizes and border thicknesses.
  • Ellipse – Draw ellipses (or circles) of varying sizes and border thicknesses.
  • Text – Type text on the canvas. Text can be moved / relocated when it is still enclosed within dotted lines immediately after creation.
  • Polygon – Draw many-sided shapes on the canvas. A fill colour can be selected for the inner colour of the poygon. Once drawing, more polygon option show up at the base of the canvas. These allow the polygon to be completed unclosed or closed. A partially drawn polygon can also be cancelled there.
  • Pan – The canvas is always the same size, so if your page is resized to a smaller view, the Pan tool (crossed arrows) can be used to scroll the content to the boundaries. It won’t have any effect when the canvas is full size (unless zoomed in).
  • Eyedropper – This tool can be used to change the stroke colour to match any pre-existing colour on the canvas. Just click the Eyedropper tool and then the desired canvas colour / location.
  • Stroke – This determines the colour of the pencil and line tools and also the perimiter colour of the shape tools.
  • Fill – This is the inner colour of any shapes being drawn.
  • Background (bg) – Changes the canvas background colour.
  • Undo – Step back through changes and fix mistakes using the Undo tool.
  • Redo – Step forward though changes after using the Undo tool.
  • Zoom Out – Make the canvas visibly smaller.
  • Zoom In – Make the canvas visibly larger. This can be used for more detailed / accurate work. Zooming in to draw a line and then zooming out again will make the drawn line appear a little smoother.
  • Clear – Use the Clear button to clean the canvas and start again.
  • Save / Attach – After you have made significant changes or wish to store your work, clicking on this button will save a snapshot of the current image (assuming no storage errors occur). It will then be automatically loaded / restored if the page is refreshed or you are returning from browsing elsewhere.
    This button will also attach the latest version of the image to the form below, ready for sending should you wish to submit your artwork.

Note that pencil, eraser, line and shape (perimeter) thicknesses can be changed using the different size dots in the toolbar above the canvas.

Submitting Artwork

If you would like to submit your artwork, the form below can be used. Enter your Name, Artwork Title and Email Address, then click on the Submit button and your picture will be submitted.

A gallery will be added (hopefully soon) with submitted artwork and artists’ names.

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    Literally Canvas Credits:
    Literally Canvas, used above, is an open source (BSD-licensed) drawing widget, written in JavaScrip and requires HTML5 and canvas tag capabilities.
    Full credit goes to the developers of Literally Canvas.