This page is a tribute to mazes and maze generation. The maze generator included is powered with JavaScript (and minimal jQuery for resizing function).

Mazes and puzzles have always been a fascination of mine. I used to create my own hand drawn mazes, trying to make them as difficult as possible. Sadly there was the odd occasion where there was found to be no solution.

With the advent of computers, maze generation algorithms have been developed in many different scripting and programming languages. I had thought about creating my own, but had a look to see what was already available.

One of the best ones I found, not requiring any third party plugins, originated at See credits below for more information.

Use the fields provided to modify the maze dimensions and difficulty. The solve button will produce a breadcrumb trail using trial and error until the the solution is complete.

While the dimensions are theoretically limitless, I have restricted them to the bounds of the space in which the maze is displayed. Resizing the browser window will also result in maze regeneration to best fill the new width. The maximum height has been limited to twice the width.

There was an issue found with some browsers (yes, namely you, Firefox) producing duplicate mazes when resizing the browser window. This has been fixed now. Firefox also tended to solve each maze with more of a leisurely stroll than a race to the end. I found this was due to the dots’ animated colour. The Firefox dots have now been reverted back to a solid colour to maximise speed.

Cell Size:

Maze Credits:
From what I've read in the comments, the source is readily available to be replicated and used on other sites. I've included it below and full credit goes to for the great work. My only contribution is the resize-refresh and animated colours for solution path.