The Rorschach Inkblot test was created / developed by Hermann Rorschach and used widely among psychologists in the 60s in the United States.

A series of inkblots were shown to patients who were asked to report any familiar likenesses within the inkblots. Their responses were then analysed and scored to give an insight to their personality characteristics and emotional stability.

The inkblots are usually made from mirroring the left side on the right (mirrored from the centre), as if ink were placed on one side of a page and then the page folded and reopened.

I have no expertise on this subject at all, but have always found psychology interesting. Particularly the brain’s natural ability for pattern and facial recognition. Even as children, many of us would look at the sky and make out the shapes of various animals and faces within passing by clouds.

It’s also not just the black dots / blobs that make up the familiar forms in inkblots, but equally the blank space surrounding or between the black. This is known as negative space.

Below is an inkblot generator. I find myself clicking repeatedly on the ‘Regenerate’ button to see lots of different identifiable shapes and forms. Some are a bit creepy, others quite cute.

Be careful not to click the Regenerate button too fast because there is no going back to a previous image once a new one is generated. If you see one you like, you can right-click on the image and save it with meaningful name (the default is download.png) to your harddrive as a ‘png’ for viewing at a later time.

There is the beginning of a gallery of generated inkblots on the Inkblots page, under Galleries page in the menu. Feel free to submit any inkblots you like for the exhibit by filling in the form below and clicking on the submit button. There will be no psychoanalysis taking place.

I hope you enjoy.

Note: The images / patterns produced here are done so at random. Any animals, people, faces or other likenesses that you may see are purely coincidental and the result of your mind’s interpretation of the dots produced.

The pattern below is randomly generated.
Use the Regenerate button below (or resize your browser) to produce a new image.
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    Rorschach Credits:
    While no credits are required for the content source of this page, it is only fitting that I cite and thank Anton (RGBz) for making this code available. It is written in JavaScrip and requires HTML5 and canvas tag capabilities.
    I have added code to handle resizing and regeneration. I also removed / disabled the colour and opacity functionality so that only solid black blobs are painted. The original source code is available on GitHub.
    I should also reference Hermann Rorschach for his creation of the Rorschach Inkblot Test.