Elvis is alive and well. He lives at the North Pole with Santa, helping to fill Santa’s sack with gifts for delivery on Christmas Eve.

This is another drawing that was done many years ago. I thought it would be amusing if there was a typo-related mistake made by Santa’s recruitment agency and they supplied him with an Elvis instead of elves. I think he’s on the small side to appear more elvish (not to be read in Sean Connery’s voice), so chances are he’s not the real Elvis after all and in fact an Elvis impersonator. His hair’s rather big too.

Originally, the caption was going to be “Santa and his Elvis prepare for Christmas”, but that would make it a little obvious, where I prefer a little obscurity / mystery, though I’m explaining it all here anyway, so it probably defeats the purpose. If you like to try to figure things out for yourself, forget everything you’ve read here. I also prefer the current caption because it has Elvis going undetected by Santa for some time before he realises Elvis is not his elves.

I know, it’s all rather sad, but hopefully someone will will achieve a minor smile.

Next up, will be the Tenth Day of Christmas. It just needs to be coloured.

If I don’t get to post another item before Christmas, I would like to wish all readers a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year, unless the world ends on Friday as predicted, in which case, happy end of the world.

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