Although it is known that bulls can’t actually see the colour red as humans do, it is still a common misconception that they can. This cartoon subscribes to the erroneous belief, throwing Santa into the awkward situation of emerging from a fireplace to be confronted with a less than impressed bull at the brink of his tolerance for such a flamboyant intruder.

For some reason I’ve set the clock on the mantelpiece to 2:00am (unless Santa is arriving during the day in which case it’s 2:00pm). Alternatively, if it’s like any mantelpiece clock that I have known, it has most likely stopped. Anyway, assuming it’s 2:00am, it’s probably safe to assume the bull was asleep (in a chair as bulls often are) and abruptly awoke upon Santa’s entrance.

The idea for this drawing came from thinking about Santa’s absurd choice of attire and wondering who or what it would irritate and how.