Little green beings from another world, land their craft and walk to their visitation destination. Unbeknownst to them, a dog within the house has heard their doggy door entry attempt and prepares a Martian attack.

I’m not entirely happy with the size of the dog upstairs. I had drawn a nice and angry dog (let’s call him Rover), but by the time I positioned him in the bedroom and resized the image for the web, a lot of the detail was lost. In retrospect, I should have located him downstairs and closer to a window to be better viewed.

********Rover Martian Attack (original)
Amendment: I have now recomposed this drawing so that the dog is larger and visible through the dog flap. Subsequently, the image is now landscape rather than profile. I have also added some shading so that the aliens’ outlines glow white in the moonlight.

The feature image is now the latest (improved) version, while the original can be seen to the right.

Angry DogI also just had the thought of replicating this dog at various points around the house (multiple Rovers) to intensify the Rover Martian attack and add to the aliens’ plight. I may go back and add these in. If so, I will post the modified version here as well. If I can find the time, I might make an animated gif with dogs popping up at different places around the rooms.

Alien Shhh

This is the third drawing I’ve done featuring aliens. There appears to be a series happening. This one, like the first one, has an imminent element of danger for the visitors. The second one had a little less pending peril (and perhaps less cynicism) involved. Strangely enough, I’m tending to draw the aliens the same way each time. Each seems to have a pointy head, big black eyes, and long thin limbs / digits. The outlines of the eyes were made white to better define them. Because they are so black and close together, without the white, they were just conjoined blobs.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, I don’t think about aliens often at all. They are just characters that come in handy for drawing, along with animals and people.