The hills are alive with the sound of murder – a murder of crows, out for a joy ride on a spinning scarecrow.

This is an artist’s impression of one of a multitude of Julie Andrews facsimiles that were installed in the Swiss Alps to keep crows from disturbing the goats in the fields. Their spinning motion also doubles as a renewable energy source and can be used to generate power for local goat herders. This allows the herders to defrost and blow-dry their goats with hair dryers on cold and frosty winter mornings.

Unfortunately the crows have grown accustomed to the installations over time and now use them for enjoyment as a kind of scarecrow joy ride. They can be found riding on the head, arms and in the skirt pockets.

This extra crow weight creates unwanted drag, reducing the power output. Authorities are now looking to install subsequent scarier versions to deter crows from the initial ones.


Any resemblance between the characters in this picture and any birds or persons, living or dead is an amazing accomplishment since the drawing skills are mediocre.

No disrespect to Julie Andrews or The Sound of Music or crows or scarecrows or goats or goat herders or the Swiss Alps was intended during the making of this cartoon.