This cartoon is probably a little more obscure than the last one. If you’re not familiar with the carol and were looking at this, you probably wouldn’t know what was going on. I was thinking of drawing doves with turtle shells, but upon Googling the subject, I found there were already similar images released into the wild web.

I then decided to go with two turtle doves adorned in turtle-neck sweaters. My one and only experience with wearing such an item of clothing (many years ago) had me feeling like I was being constantly yet subtly strangled. I had to get out of it straight away. Chances are there is a correct way to wear one and I was just doing wrong.

I thought it only fitting (or should that be ill-fitting?) that at least one of the turtle doves be susceptible to the woolen peril that is the turtle neck sweater.

The sweaters pictured are the best I could come up with in the way of gaudy colour and cliché Christmas designs.