An overweight man rides a Segway on a treadmill while walking the dog and watching an aerobics workout on TV.

Recently I saw a photo online of a woman riding a Segway while pushing a baby in a pram. It was obviously a very lazy way to do it, but it got me thinking about other ways that people might be using Segways to circumvent walking and exercise in general.

The image attached is one idea I came up with. I can’t say I’ve tried this, mainly because I don’t have a Segway (or a dog (or a headband and thick shake)), but I don’t think I would attempt it even if I did. Hopefully this hasn’t given people new ideas for their exercise regimen.

The weekend just gone has been the Australia Day long weekend and also the finals of the Australian Open tennis tournament, so I’m a bit behind with getting things done such as colour completion. Not wanting to miss putting something online for the week, I’ve added a greyscale version and will replace it with the colour version once it’s finished. (If you’re reading this and the image is in colour, then apparently I have already done this).

I was going for the ‘eww gross’ factor with this one, but in the overweight, couch-potato and slob sense. I wasn’t going for the creepy voyeuristic aspect. In fact when I drew it, the character was of ambiguously gender and it was 50/50 whether it would be a man or a woman on the Segway. Then when I was colouring it, a beard suddenly entered the scene and it clearly became a male. The TV show (which I guess could be mistaken for an outdoor scene through a window) was initially going to be people running along a road or in a park, but I wanted it to be more noticeably an aerobics style workout session in which the character could be pretending to aspire to participate. The headband helps to give him that wannabe attitude. The thick shake in hand – not so much.

On the bright side, at least the dog is getting some exercise.

I had a bit of trouble with the couch on this one. I probably should have modelled it in Blender as a reference. Whatever I tried, the armrests didn’t look right with regards to perspective. As it turns out, I didn’t really need to get it right because half it is cut off anyway.