A clown sits in his office writing with a red balloon attached to his pen. Simultaneously he pushes an intercom button and requests for his secretary to “send in the clones“. In the background, a genetic engineering certificate can be seen on the wall.

A while ago, I had an idea to do a cartoon of a businessman sitting in his office and asking his receptionist via intercom to “send in the clowns”. Having a quick look on the internet for this phrase revealed it had already been done as a cartoon many times over, so I forgot about this and moved on to other things.

Recently the idea for the drawing shown here just occurred to me out of the blue. It probably should have stayed there, but it was strange and intriguing enough for me to have a go at drawing it.

Clowns seem to be a recurring theme for me at the moment. As much as I really don’t like clowns, two have recently made an appearance on the Phobias page and now one is pictured above. Maybe drawing (creepy) clowns is a therapeutic outlet for a deeper repressed clown paranoia.

Something I tried to do a little differently in this drawing is to vary the line weights a bit more. I don’t know if this is an improvement or not, but it was nice to try a different drawing style.

It seems “Send in the Clowns” was the title used in both Simpsons and DuckTales episodes (and probably elsewhere). I didn’t realise this, but I like the idea of a duplicate titles occurrence within a cloning context.

Restraint and self-discipline were necessary so as not to turn this into an Armstrong and Miller sketch tribute by modifying the caption.