A family of snails are out for a leisurely drive in their sports car. The mother snail grips the dash and requests her husband slow down so as not to frighten the children (who look far from frightened).

‘Shell Wishes’ was a little bit easier and quicker to draw than Meerkats on a Plane. The fact that there are only five snails and two of them are mostly obscured would be a major contributing factor. This was on the verge of being called ‘Riding In Cars With Snails’.

I would like to thank my good friend Alli, for the idea behind this drawing. The snails were my interpretation and not really relevant. I just wanted to put very slow moving creatures in a fast car for contrast. Tortoises or sloths would have worked equally well. Naturally, the car had to be the colour red.

Cars and other such machinery are not particularly my favourite things to draw, but so long as they are essential to the drawing and there are other elements I do enjoy drawing, then I can manage ok.

I suspect a car could be moving at 1km/h and that would be considered a joy ride by onboard snails. No speed cameras were available when this car was drawn, so there is no telling how fast the car is travelling. The driver’s tie is blowing in the breeze and the majority of eyes are leaning back, so at least some forward motion is implied.

It can also be concluded that these snails aren’t driving to the beach. All that salty sea air wouldn’t be conducive to snail relaxation.