Santa, his sleigh and reindeer (and Elliott & E.T. on a bicycle), all in silhouette, pass in front of a full moon on their way to deliver presents at Christmas.

For reasons unknown, Elliott and E.T. have taken on the part of reindeer to form part of the silhouetted Santa sleigh team. It could just be an optical illusion. Elliott and E.T. may have been doing their routine pass in front of a full moon on their bicycle as per the movie when Santa and his reindeer passed by, making it appear as if they are a part of the reindeer team. However, one reindeer appears to be absent, so the coincidental illusion theory is a little less plausible.

Santa Puncture

It could be that one reindeer had a puncture (as depicted left) and was immediately replaced by Santa with Elliott and E.T.

I really enjoyed creating this. The reindeer and sleigh silhouettes were generated from previous artwork but Elliott and E.T. are new. The white outlines were necessary for detail definition, otherwise the foreground bike and riders would have been lost within the background reindeer. The outlines also help to contrast the characters (and text) residing outside the bounds of the moon. The night sky blue is so dark that all-black silhouettes are too difficult to see.

Anyway, the main purpose for this cartoon was for posting to wish everyone reading / viewing a very Merry Christmas and happy new year – my Christmas card to you.

Take care and travel safely this Christmas.