Tensions are high as two rival cowboys arrive at a small town out west. One is pointing atop a cigarette smoking, fuzzy dice toting and startled looking horse. The other is on the verge of drawing his gun.

If this cartoon was to be made into a Clint Eastwood western, it would probably be called ‘The Good, the Bad and the Tiny’. While it’s still unclear who is good and who is bad, the town is tiny. Or perhaps the town is standard size and the cowboys are monolithic.

Yes, that is a cigarette in the horse’s mouth, and they are fuzzy dice around its neck. Just a couple of accessories that I thought would help to make it look more rugged and tough. It didn’t work. Children looking at this might mistake it for My Little Pony with a smoking addiction.

The horse slowed me down in this cartoon. Not so much the horse itself, but all the bridle bits (no pun intended) and pieces, leather straps, saddle, stirrups, etc. I had to do a bit of research to reproduce all the parts in their appropriate locations on the horse. A little more complicated than pin the tail on the donkey. Thankfully I wasn’t doing it blindfolded.

While I was drawing this, I was happy to have a couple of other ideas for western cartoons, so they might make an appearance at some point.

I was also very mindful of continuity errors with true to period costume and features. I had to make sure not to accidentally draw any characters wearing digital watches, technicolour dreamcoats, holding laptops, smart phones or driving recent model cars. The fuzzy dice were the exception.

Overall I was fairly happy with the way this turned out. I tried some subtle clouds and background mountain ranges, both of which seem to be recognisable as such.