Somewhere in the snow, over frozen water, a snow angel attempt ends in disaster with excessive friction weakening the ice below, resulting in a snow angel fall.

With the number of snow angels being created at any given time, I wonder if this has ever happened in reality. I hope not.

There are lots of lovely snow angel images on the internet. My favourite so far is that of one made by an owl as it swooped in to pick up its prey. It’s far more intricate than that of the generic man-made version.

In Australia, snow angels are much more rare than in the US, UK and Canada. There is seasonal snow, limited to greater elevations, but occasionally there will be a freak polar blast that can bring snow down to 200 metres or less. Dirt angels, dust angels, lawn-clipping angels, gravel angels and mud angels are more likely to abound than snow angels.

I can only recall it snowing on one occasion where the snow stayed on the ground at the place I used to live. Cows were getting around with white powder on their heads and backs.

I went out to make a snowman, gathering snow from the trampoline. Being a snow newbie though, I donned woollen gloves which offered no insulation whatsoever. The adventure didn’t last long, with blue hands ensuing, warranting a defrost. I did manage to build a snowman and it lasted for quite a few days. Alas, I didn’t attempt a snow angel. I didn’t know what one was at the time.

It’s my belief that the victim of the snow angel attempt above was able to safely get out of the water and is now thawing in front of an open fire in an undisclosed cartoon panel.