An avalanche has occurred somewhere in the Swiss Alps and bodies are strewn throughout the snow. Soon after, a snow rescue vehicle arrives with brandy-bearing St. Bernards on board.

St. Bernards have long been associated with kegs of brandy. It began when Edwin Landseer did a painting titled “Alpine Mastiffs Reanimating a Distressed Traveller”, depicting two dogs, one of which had a keg around its neck, licking a fallen man’s hand in an effort to revive him. Edwin suggested that the keg contained brandy and the association has been there since. St. Bernards can often be seen appearing in animated cartoons, delivering brandy to snow victims.

While it’s nice to imagine that big dogs could deliver first-aid to people lost or trapped by snow, alcohol is not recommend because it dilates the blood vessels, causing blood to rush to the skin resulting in faster loss of heat.

When I drew this, I couldn’t recall the alleged alcohol and I was hoping it was rum as I intended to have the sign on the rescue vehicle read “Rum & Raise ’em”. Unfortunately after some digging, I found it was brandy, though I did put this sign in faint text on the side of the van, to suggest that the dogs also provide a bit of variety with their alcoholic beverages. Whisky was apparently an alternative to brandy that the dogs fictitiously delivered.

It was fun to draw an assortment of largely disjointed body parts and not have to be concerned with proportions (usually relative to other parts of the same body). Less fun, was the drawing of the van.

This was coloured very quickly as I was planning to post it as grey-scale and come back to colour / shade it properly at a later time. After seeing how the St. Bernards looked in colour though, I couldn’t do them the injustice of being displayed in black and white. I first coloured them fully in brown and they just looked like regular big dogs. It was amazing how as soon as some white patches and markings were added, they immediately transformed into recognisable St. Bernards.

I wasn’t meaning to be morbid with the bodies littered around in the the snow and I can assure you, were there to be a subsequent panel, everyone would be patched up, happily standing around, chatting and drinking brandy.