On a gloom-filled wintry day, the Grim Reaper goes for a leisurely stroll through the countryside with Bones, his beloved Golden Staffy Retriever.

The Grim Reaper would be very busy with all his visitations to people around the world. Regardless of the workload, he understands the importance of getting out in the fresh air to walk for around thirty minutes a day. Having a dog that requires daily walks is an incentive for such outings.

Hydration is another important factor in daily walks and in retrospect I should have drawn him with a bottle of water in his free hand. Instead I have his hand curled out and upward in an attempted expression of delight in the countryside frolic with his favourite pooch. His facial expression also hopefully reflects this joy.

It’s been said that dog owners look like their dogs. For this reason, the strolling bones have matching attire. The bony resemblance is coincidental.

A buzzard looks on in the background. It is also wearing a similar cloak. This could indicate that it is a pet belonging to the Grim Reaper that is also out for some exercise or maybe it’s just a fan of the fashion trend. It could even be a Grim Reaper groupie.

Dogs are known for fetching sticks and the Grim Reaper is known for holding a scythe. A scythe is basically a fancy stick with a handle and blade on the end, so I thought it fitting that the Grim Reaper’s dog should be carrying it in his mouth for the duration of their walk. Note also the dog’s lack of interest in bones. I figured he would see his own bones and his master’s bones all the time and so would be uninterested in seeing detached bones during the walk.

In deciding the breed the dog should be, there were too many grim correlations. I was trying to think how I could get an association with golden staph in there (yuck, I know). So there is a Golden Retriever breed, and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed that is often referred to as Staffy. Merging the two, I came up with a Golden Staffy Retriever. The scythe also resembles a staff to some extend and I thought about colouring it gold and the dog could then just be a golden staff retriever. I could have alternatively decreed the dog a Rottweiler or ‘Rotty’ which would probably be equally morbid.

Anyway, the dog breed is not really pertinent to the cartoon. It was more for descriptive purposes. My intent was not to be overly morbid with this, but rather to reduce the morbidity by increasing the absurdity.