In a hospital, a patient sits on the examination bed as the doctor considers her complaint / dilemma of having a stuck record… again.

Now I’m showing my age. Many of today’s generation probably wouldn’t know what a record was (in terms of an audio storage medium), let alone the phrase ‘stuck record’. I can recall when vinyl 33⅓ and 45 rpm records were still popular – not the Bakelite 78s, though. I’m not quite that old.

I don’t think I will go into an analysis of the humour in this cartoon as it’s just something silly I thought of drawing a while back. My original version of this was a farm scene and the wife was calling her husband to come help her with the stuck record on her toe. There was too much open space, so I confined it to a room and thought that making it a doctor’s office might be apt.

I was quite happy with the perspective in this one. Blender is proving to be very useful.

Before the colouring had taken place, I was questioned by a friend about the placement of a ventilation duct near the corner of the room. It was my attempt at Venetian blinds on a window. Hopefully the addition of blue sky and some control cords at the edges has helped to establish this.