As the lift doors open, a woman and her daughter are confronted with a man pushing a lion on a swing set. A heated discussion about whether or not one should swing a cat in a lift ensues.

Usually when I hear the phrase “There’s not enough room to swing a cat”, I imagine someone with a cat by its tail above their head, swinging it with a lasso motion. That would be cruel.

The only way I could condone the swinging of a cat would be if it were gently pushed on a swing set, provided it was clearly enjoying it. The lion in this drawing doesn’t appear to be enjoying it, given the angry eyebrows. Perhaps it’s not enjoying it because there is not enough room to be swung in the confined space. Maybe it doesn’t like lifts or being pushed within lifts or being pushed in general. Perhaps it is claustrophobic or displeased at being told that it shouldn’t be swinging there at all.

One thing is clear and that’s the little girl’s reaction upon seeing the lion. She waves excitedly at the unexpected sight of a big fluffy cat on a swing in an elevator, oblivious to any imminent danger.

If I were to encounter a lion on a swing in a lift, I would be catching the next available one, but more likely, I would be running full speed out of the building, regardless of whether or not the lion appeared to be enjoying itself on the playground equipment.

This would also make a nice additional verse to Roger Miller’s song, “You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd”. The lyrics could be along the lines of “You Can’t Push a Lion in a Lift on a Swing”.