Ten regal-looking lords in purple jackets and gold ties are leaping off a cliff (with various other items) in the form of a lemming avalanche.

The tenth day of Christmas brings with it ten lords a-leaping. I’m still not sure how to draw a lord. Internet searches provided images of people wearing crowns, feathered caps, wigs, tights and top hats, though they weren’t wearing all items simultaneously. Darth Vader was also in there (as a dark lord).

The dictionary defined a lord as a person who has control, authority, or power over others; a master, ruler or chief. The best I could manage was to draw some characters in coats with a sprinkling of top hats and judges wigs. Then came the leaping…

A simple leap as in a jump with one leg stretched out seemed a bit generic, so I started to think about big leaps. Although Neil Armstrong performed a giant leap for mankind, I felt that lemmings were underrated in the leaping department and wanted to give them a little recognition for their fearless leaping skills.

Naturally then, I pronounced my lemmings lords and send them leaping off the nearest cliff in a few different styles. These included base jumping, diving, cartwheeling, hat chasing and others. I also wanted to add some random props associated with jumping, bouncing and wind, so there is a Pogo Stick, a Space Hopper (ah, the memories), a pinwheel, a parachute pack, snorkelling accessories and even a not really related Slinky for good measure (full credit to the creators of any name brands mentioned / illustrated).

The cliff is titled “Lords’ Leap”, based on the various isolated and high altitude locations named “Lovers’ Leap”, having the risk of accidental or deliberate fatalities.

Why are they leaping? Perhaps they heard about the end of the world that happened (to not occur) on Friday, December 21st.

May everyone have a safe, merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Thanks for reading.