A grumpy elderly man poses as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. He is the Mona Geezer.

Recently it was discovered that there is a second painting underneath the well known painting of The Mona Lisa. This was one that Leonardo Da Vinci, for whatever reason, painted over the top of with what was to become one of the most well known works of art. The hidden artwork is also a portrait of a woman in a similar pose, though her identity isn’t clear.

The Mona Lisa is also one of the most parodied works of art in existence. There are a large number of variations of this masterpiece online. Some have her holding cats, others have her wearing hats. In most cases, it’s only her face that has been modified to resemble other well known people or cartoon characters. Other instances though, depict her outside of the frame, in a modern environment wearing more trendy attire.

I thought I’d contribute to the parodies by creating the Mona Geezer. Other contenders I considered drawing were The Mona Geisha and The Mona Sneezer.

The Mona Geezer was not based on anyone in particular. It’s just some random elderly man who looks suitably displeased to be posing for such a painting. Sadly, the lower part of this drawing had to be cut off to have it fit within the frame. The section omitted, showed his hands resting on a walking stick.

The drawing above is currently line art only. If or when I find some more time, I will attempt to colour it using similar colours to that of the most well known version.