What would Santa do if there were no reindeer to pull his sleigh? Suppose there was a reindeer strike because they were demanding higher wages. My guess is that he would attempt to recruit any replacements he could find. This cartoon is my interpretation of how his sleigh team might look.

In my first colouring attempt of this cartoon, I thought I had finished and was relatively happy with the results. The following day I had a look at it and realised that I had coloured the bear brown which would imply a grizzly, where it was originally meant to be white to resemble a polar bear. I had to go back and modify the colours.

Another anomaly is that, assuming this cartoon is set the Arctic region, the penguin is not naturally found there, but I am not going to modify this. My version is that Santa had previously collected a penguin or two on one of his previous delivery runs around the world. The bear is looking longingly at the penguin and no doubt would devour it given the chance, even though it wouldn’t know what penguins taste like.