Several people are at a party in this scene. One woman is wearing a dress made from quoits. A man has commented on her unusual attire and she explains her outfit choice.

It looks like some bad 70s movie scene, but there it is. An awkward party I’d like to avoid if possible. The outfits and their colours look a bit retro and daggy, however I think this adds to the absurdity of it.

I’ve been working on a new drawing which involves many meerkats and, not being able to get it finished in time, I’ve resurrected this cartoon in the interim.

It’s another one from many years ago and I didn’t really do much in the way of character improvement. The main guy is tall and thin and looks like his clothes have been over-starched, while the guy dancing in the background seems to have had too much to drink and is entering embarrassing territory.

I must say that the guy standing in the doorway is loosely based on somebody I used to know. I haven’t yet determined why he is attending this party. It may have something to do with how easy he is to draw and the number of times he’s been drawn. Keep an eye out for him as he may be making further guest appearances in future.

I’ve never known a woman to wear a series of quoits as a throw on dress and it doesn’t look comfortable. No doubt fashion designers are this instant racing to their sketch pads and scribbling rough round rope creations in preparation for the next Oscars. I should have patented it.

The idea for this cartoon came from a conversation while playing a game with a friend. I won’t go into the details here as it might end up as a cartoon itself at some point.

Anyway, I ran with that idea and tripped over to produce this.