Two vultures drop in on a man trying to tightrope walk across a chasm. They cause him to feel a bit uneasy about the success of the endeavour. The tightrope trip becomes a vulture venture.

For some reason my thoughts have recently turned to tightrope walkers and the risks they take. The accompanying drawing is one of two ideas I had featuring tightrope walkers. The second one will be added over the next week or two. It has significantly less vultures by comparison.

Whenever I see tightrope walkers on TV, I have trouble deciding if they are very brave and daring or rather crazy to be unnecessarily risking their lives like that. I’m leaning toward the latter and this vulture venture illustration no doubt reflects that.

I have seen cartoons previously where a pigeon or similar small bird would perch on a tightrope walker’s pole used for balancing. The result is usually a loss of balance, but I thought it would be more interesting to have a bird often associated with death to land on the pole (and on the poor guy’s head), less subtly indicating how the dare-devil feat may end.

No, those are not pterodactyls in the distance, but supposedly more vultures imminent.

My apologies for the last couple of weeks. I hadn’t been feeling well and decided I could use a break. I do hope to get back on track soon, which may mean a few black and white drawings in the meantime. These will be coloured when time permits.

It would now appear that time has permitted for this drawing.