A projector quietly hums in a dark room as three Tyrannosaurus rex have fun enlarging their tiny forearms in shadow form on the big screen.

I imagine Tyrannosaurus rex would feel rather inadequate if they were still around today, given their small, almost useless fore-limbs. With today’s frequent teasing and countless internet memes based on their prehistoric deficit, they would be likely to develop a complex and cry themselves to sleep on their huge pillows (as opposed to wiping their eyes which they couldn’t reach very easily anyway).

Within the confines of this drawing, the Tyrannosaurus rex have the opportunity to feel better about themselves with the aid of a projector and projection screen. A large shadow of their minute limbs and digits will at least give them a virtual moment of pride, dignity and satisfied longing, albeit two dimensional and black and sorry bicep flex without detail.

Upon seeing this, someone suggested the projected image resembled a ‘toucan’, which I have to admit, it does, but this wasn’t intentional. Perhaps I’m wrong and the Tyrannosaurus rex are merely projecting shadow forms of a few of their favourite animals they would like to eat.

I had fun colouring this one with non-colour. There are lot of sections of black and contrasting negative space. I plan to revisit this and give the dinosaurs a white outline to make them stand out more and introduce some shadows (aside from the one cast on the screen) for added depth.