A Tyrannosaurus rex attempts ten pin bowling but discovers his arms aren’t sufficiently strong enough to aim well or power the ball to the end of the bowling lane. Annoyed with the gutter ball result it moves forward and obliterates the pins with an angry growl.

I imagine the Tyrannosaurus rex would ultimately get good results with a lot of sports. Initially it would be atrocious at anything it attempted with its tiny arms, but then in a fit of rage and vocal venting, it could annihilate anything or anyone who stood in its way. Anyone keeping score would soon be persuaded to add a few points in the Tyrannosaurus rex’s favour.

The bowling authorities at this venue would have been on the verge of approaching the bowling behemoth to inform it that:

  • The bowl doesn’t count because the line was stepped over.
  • Regulation bowling footwear is not being worn and should be at all times while bowling.
  • Clothes in general are not being worn and should be at all times while bowling.

After seeing the reaction to the disappointing bowl, they would refrain.

Jurassic Park was on TV recently which is probably the inspiration for this drawing. While there were no noticeable dinosaurs ten pin bowling in the movie, there were several displays of fierce aggression and some devouring of other beings that got in the way.

My first idea for a dinosaur cartoon (this time around) was to have two dinosaurs playing Rock Paper Scissors and becoming frustrated because they both kept on coming up with scissors. Looking online proved that this wasn’t such an original idea. There is a plethora of cartoons and images depicting the Tyrannosaurus rex attempting various tasks and failing dismally because of its less than ample forelimbs.

The origin of the bowling idea is unclear, but the mind wanders and fetches ideas of which this was one. After I had drawn it, I realised I had omitted the automatic pin retrieval and setup machine (because that’s surely its technical name). A friend suggested that “there would probably be a small ornithomimus behind the scenes that would run out and set up the pins again”. I agreed that this was what indeed must happen. He also pointed out that this scene must have occurred after the invention of the wheel because the ball is very spherical. I also agreed.

It then occurred to me that this must either be an unusually small Tyrannosaurus rex or an equally unusually large bowling alley with dinosaur-sized pins and balls.