A Tyrannosaurus rex enters a phone accessories store and enquires about an extra long Selfie Stick for his mobile phone.

There are many activities that a Tyrannosaurus rex would find extremely difficult given its tiny arms, and this cartoon illustrates one such activity.

If dinosaurs were still around, and if they had mobile phones and if they were obsessed with taking photos of themselves, then that would be a lot of ‘ifs’. Even so, they might run into a spot of bother with reaching out far enough to fit their big heads and bigger bodies into the frame.

One solution might be to stand in front of a mirror to take the photo, but that’s not so practical since mirrors aren’t everywhere. A giant portable mirror would be necessary to take everywhere in case the occasion for a quick selfie should arise. This would be most inconvenient.

These days, many touristy types carry an extension for their phone (and arms) known as the Selfie Stick. This phone accessory allows them to snap a photo from a greater distance, but for the poor Tyrannosaurus rex, even this distance would sadly not be great enough because their ‘wingspan’ is considerably small. Their incredibly big body sizes make the selfie snapping process even more problematic

It’s understandable that such carnivores might well hope for and enquire about the existence of an extra long Selfie Stick to compensate for their challenged reach.

Then again, to avoid the embarrassment of having to make such a request, it might be simpler for them to just devour the fad along with all people, mobile phones and Selfie Sticks.