A koala sits in a tree with several joeys on its back. Eventually the young koalas become unbearable and they are ordered to dismount.

I seem to be drawing groups of animals of late. This delightful bunch* of Koalas was an idea that I had a few days ago. Recently I saw a documentary on koalas, so this drawing is most likely a remnant of that.

While koalas usually have one offspring per season, this one must be babysitting and isn’t coping very well at all.

There was no shortage of koala images online for drawing inspiration. They are very cute and I rather enjoyed putting this one together. I’ve since notice a bit of ambiguity with the paw ownership. A couple of the central paws are interchangeable and can be traced back to at least two of the larger young koalas.

If koalas hung out in trees in clusters like this, they would be far easier to spot than they usually are. I can recall taking a photo at the top of a mountain, looking out over gum tress. I hadn’t noticed any koalas at the time, but there were a couple clearly visible in one of the trees within the photo. Perhaps they were ghost koalas… in ghost gums.

* Apparently there is no collective noun for koalas.