Unstable Manure

A tranquil country roadside scene depicting a distant horse grazing in a field. In the foreground, a sign denoting stable manure is freely available to passers-by. Comparatively, unstable manure isn’t so tranquil.

While driving around the countryside on various trips, I’ve occasionally come across signs by the side of the road, heralding the availability of stable manure. In fleeting thoughts, I’ve considered this to imply that somewhere out there, some unstable manure must exist.

Sadly, those fleeting thoughts have resurfaced in a less fleeting manner to produce this drawing that serves to highlight one of the important differences between the two.

I expect the latter would be derived from some severely agitated horses that had managed to find themselves in a chemical factory somewhere, helping themselves to meals of volatile liquids and powders. Alternatively, it could be the result of a secret government experiment on horses to enhance its military prowess. Yes, that is far more likely.

This is rather an unsavoury topic. I apologise and it could be indicative of my quest for new ideas. It’s akin to Seinfeld’s George Costanza discussing the pros of ‘ma-nure’ on his date (which then immediately ended).

I’ve noticed the horse in the background looks rather small. It must be a Shetland pony.

No horses were harmed during the production of this cartoon. The same can’t be said of various insects.

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  1. kylie dempsey

    Love unstable manure :-) I’ve seen a sign saying ‘thoroughbred poo’. Classic!!

    • Thingsesque

      Thanks Kylie! I’m glad you liked it. I’ve not seen a thoroughbred poo sign before, though the product sounds like pure manure!

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