Every afternoon, Felix would fondly recall his past pirating adventures while out walking the plank.

I don’t have any first-hand experience with the ways of pirates but I can safely assume they would like doing piraty things of which walking the plank would be one. Technically though, they would have been the ones forcing others to walk the plank unless they themselves were forced to by more influential pirates.

Having nobody to force to walk the plank, Felix the pirate would walk the plank himself. His pet parrot, Perry would also enjoy these outings, assisting the best he could with walking the plank by riding the plank.

Fortunately, these walks would be along a wide open path with no obstacles to bump into. If it were a narrower path, strewn with rocks and planks (left by other pirates), depth perception misjudgements introduced by the wearing of an eye patch could exacerbate these walking hazards.

Many years ago, there was a movie called Clean Slate, starring Dana Carvey. His character was a detective who owned a dog that wore an eye patch. As a result, it had a depth perception problem and would often headbutt the doors while trying to access them. A trailer of the move can be seen here.

If a pirate needed glasses, would he (or she) wear glasses with no lens in the side with the eye patch or would it be an ordinary pair, making one of the lenses redundant? Perhaps he or she would wear a monocle (not on the side with the eye patch of course).

I tried to add a few cliché pirate accessories into this drawing of the pirate – the peg leg, eye patch, hook, etc. Admittedly, his hat could have had skull and crossbones on it and he could have been carrying a bottle of rum. Oooh, even better, a bottle with a miniature ship inside it.