Gazing out her window, a woman notices that her wheelie bin wheels have been stolen and replaced with bricks.

For a while, I lived in a bad part of town. I don’t recall any wheelie bin trouble as shown above, but there was a significant amount of crime compared to other areas.

When I was deciding what to draw this week, I sat outside in the sun and contemplated various options. I found myself looking at the green waste wheelie bin in the corner of the yard and next thing I knew, I had the idea above. I must confirm that my wheelie bin does indeed have wheels and not bricks in their stead.

Most fortuitously, I remembered that I had some small plastic wheelie bin replicas on my desk that I use to store pens and pencils. One of these was kind enough to pose for me while I drew its portrait. It was most compliant.

The small plastic storage bin also has wheels, but I replaced them with bricks (in the drawing, not in reality). The drawing utensils were removed so that the lid could be closed. Otherwise the woman above would not only be staring at a wheelie bin with bricks for wheels, but also giant pens / pencils protruding from it. But that’s a cartoon for another day.

As I was drawing this, I was reminded of a scene from National Lampoon’s Vacation in which Chevy Chase and his family became lost while driving in an undesirable part of the city. They stopped and asked for directions, but while they were distracted by the guy providing information, a team of thieves were sneaking around the car and removing all the hubcaps and wheels.