A young boy and girl pass each other in the park when the boy’s helium filled balloon dog lunges at the girl’s balloon cat.

I sometimes wonder what happens when balloon animals attack. Would a balloon cat chase and attack a balloon bird? Would a balloon dog chase and attack a balloon cat given the chance? According to the illustration above, the answer to the latter question is ‘Yes’.

Balloon CatsAlso, according to one of my previous cartoons shown below, the answer to the former question is also yes. Balloon cats can be clearly seen chasing balloon birds, though admittedly they are of a different variety to the one above.

The enthusiasm of the balloon dog above is such that its owner is being uncontrollably jerked backwards and is about to collide with the girl he has just walked past.

When clowns create balloon animals, they should provide warnings of the potential dangers associated with the various animals so that children can become aware of the risks they run by keeping balloon animals.

At least with balloon weasels, children should know from the song that there is the very real risk of a ‘pop’ occurrence, especially when being chased by balloon monkeys in the vicinity of mulberry bushes.

I was a little delayed with the posting of this cartoon. It’s four days late so I should apologise. There have been a few distractions that have led to its late arrival.