It’s Christmas time and worlds collide when Santa, while busy delivering presents, finds a Bible left on a table and begins reading.

The last Christmas drawing I did was quite a while ago now. Back then, they were plentiful because I was drawing my way through The Twelve Days of Christmas.

The Worlds Collide one above, occurred to me as I was thinking about the meaning of Christmas and considering what to draw in the way of a Christmas cartoon. An alternative caption I thought of for this was “Christmas Saves Santa”.

The Christmas tree in the background has limited decorations, but I enjoyed adding the few that are there. As it happened, I had some bauble-worthy artwork that I was using for a different project and found it easily adaptable for Christmas tree use.

In the rough for this, I had the fireplace ablaze with burning wood. It was as I came to ink it that I found this wouldn’t be appropriate for Santa considering he uses the chimney as an entry and exit point for houses.

More embarrassingly, I also found that I had inadvertently given Santa two left hands. I’m glad I spotted this prior to the completed drawing and posting process.

The milk and cookies were a last minute addition. I recalled that these are often left on tables for Santa, so I decided he could make use of them as he did his reading.