In the depths of the ocean, love is blooming as two fish share a worm they retrieved from a nearby hook. The worm for two is served on half a clam shell.

Inspired by Disney’s Lady and the Tramp, but with considerably less dogs and spaghetti (and more fish), this drawing occurred to me last night when I was contemplating things to draw.

Lady and the Tramp was rather random and I’m not sure how I ended up there. I haven’t seen the move since childhood, but the most memorable scene (for me at least) was the sharing of a plate of spaghetti between the dogs. More specifically, the sharing of a single strand of spaghetti.

If dogs can do this, then why not fish? I’m tipping fish may not be fond of pasta with all the gluten and noticeable lack of meat in it, so they would need to find a suitable substitute. A worm seemed to be a good fit. It could be commandeered with care from a close by fishing hook and ‘plated up’ (cringe) on half a clam shell (preferably the concave side).

In the background, another fish is also seeking love and attempting to share a jellyfish tentacle with its owner. I did see a show called Deadly 60 recently where the dangers of jellyfish were being discussed, so the jellyfish in this “worm for two” cartoon is likely to be residual from that.

I didn’t really study the jellyfish anatomy in detail and this one seems to have some intestine-like protuberances dangling down from it in the midst of its tentacles.

I began the colouring process and had no time to do any intricate shading, so I found myself experimenting with a blue-scale and decided it looked nice with lots of blue tones. I will do the full colour version though, and replace this one when it’s done. Or maybe even in addition to this one.

I’m now wondering if the worm’s ‘saddle’ will act as a buffer when the fish meet in the middle, effectively preventing their lips from ever meeting.