A cowboy mistakenly gets on the wrong horse which happens to belong to Aquaman.

Have you ever returned to your car in a parking lot, attempted to unlock it and found the key mysteriously no longer fits? Me neither. Well, maybe I have but in my defence, it was dark outside and the car was black.

There is no excuse for Jake the cowboy, pictured above, when he inadvertently mounts a seahorse instead of his own trusty steed. An unimpressed Aquaman catches him in the act resulting in a rather awkward moment.

SeahorseAs to why a cowboy and his horse are on the ocean floor in the first place and how they are possibly managing to breathe there, who knows. I just draw the pictures and leave the reality checks to someone else. Clearly she/he isn’t doing their job very well.

Come to think of it, this is probably Aquaman’s most impressive superhero trait… looking annoyed and posing with hand on hip while holding a deformed trident. Perhaps a pentadent?

The quadruped in the scene looks a little embarrassed on his owner’s behalf, and also a little weary. I’m tipping that this isn’t the first time Jake has accidentally jumped on the wrong conveyance and regretted it.